Utah 2022

Covid forced us to reconsider a cruise, so we combined what was going to be a solo trip into an epic drive out west.

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Utah, in my opinion, is one of the most naturally beautiful places in America, it has wonderful rolling plains and cavernous winding canyons.

But by far one of the most incredible things about Utah is the night sky. While it may not have glowing streaks of plasma like Alaska, Greenland, and other northern landmasses, when you get just out of city limits and your camp is set up the sky is lit up by millions upon millions upon millions of stars in a sky uninterrupted by towers and trees.

We went to Moab Utah for a spring break trip and had a blast, the drive was long, but when we got to the Yurt we rented and finished unpacking we were able to relax and look out over a vast field with sparse shrubbery with even a first quarter moon lighting up everything there is to see.

Anywhere else a small natural arch would be the main attraction but in Utah you see arches on your way to look at the arches with a few gorgeous canyons on the side.

There isn't much walking if you don't want to but the trails are fun to hike and the parks have many spots where the rocks are easy to climb and give an even better view of the landscape around you. The food was good all around and the weather was nice, if a bit windy.